THE LIFE AMDRY C4 APP: A Look at the Project

The LIFE AMDRY C4 project on the occasion of the World Soil Day celebrated on December 5 presented the LIFE AMDRY C4 application: A look at the project.

LIFE AMDRY C4: A look at the project, is an application developed by the University of Saldford (Manchester) for the LIFE AMDRY C4 project. Project financed with European funds, belonging to the Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE) in collaboration with the Region of Murcia, COAG, NCC and IDeN.

The application of LIFE AMDRY C4 addresses the main objective of the project: the promotion and development of climate resilience in Mediterranean rainfed areas and its sustainable, intelligent and integrated management as a tool for adaptation to climate change based on Ecosystems (EbA).

LIFE-AMDRYC4 is an educational experience in Virtual Reality focused on the impact of different agricultural practices on climate change and the creation of synergies between agricultural communities, socioeconomic development and environmental care. That is, created for the dissemination of the main objectives of the LIFE AMDRY4 project. The realization of this mobile application, as part of the promotion strategies of the project, took place between September 2019 and October 2020.

The application has a dynamic, agile and attractive design, available in five languages in which you will put into practice your skills and knowledge in the field of climate change, and thus acquire knowledge related to the 4 × 1000 initiative, on the benefits of ecosystem services , circular economy and on mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Immerse yourself in the experience !:

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