The LIFE AMDRY C4 project on the occasion of the International Climate Change Day celebrated on October 24, 2020, took place the III DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST OF THE LIFE_AMDRYC4 PROJECT.

After the deadline for participation in the II Digital Photography Contest organized by the LIFE AMDRYC4 project, due to the celebration of the International Day Against Climate Change, the designated jury has met to resolve the Photography Contest “Semi-arid Landscapes of the Region of Murcia ”, made up of:

Joaquín Martinez from Nueva Cultura por el Clima (NCC) beneficiary partner of the LIFE AMDDRYC4 project
Ms. Maria Jose Martinez, Professor of Graphology and Agricultural Chemistry at the University of Murcia (UMU) and coordinator of the LIFE AMDRYC4 project
Juan de la Cruz Megias – Professional Photographer
Enrique Martinez Bueso – Professional photographer. Head of Photography at La Verdad

The photographs selected as the winner in the III Digital Photography Contest have been:

Winning photograph: Rosemary, thyme and esparto
Author: Jose Antonio Abellán Balsalobre

Otras de las fotografías que han optado al primer premio han sido:


Fotografía : Medio lleno
Autor: Pedro Perales

Fotografía : La sal del agua
Autor: Natalia Cárcamo Bravo

Fotografía : Badlands en primavera
Autor: Maria Teresa Gomez Castillo

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