The LIFE AMDRYC4 project is in its final stretch and it is time to present the main results achieved in terms of the contribution of this demonstration project to the adaptation of rainfed agricultural systems to climate change. To this end, a follow-up meeting was held at the University of Murcia, coordinator of the project, which was also attended by the associated beneficiaries, as well as the external NEEMO-EEIG monitor, Cristóbal Ginés. In it, the main technical and financial aspects were reviewed and the main milestones and achievements reached with the project were discussed, as well as the medium and long-term impacts expected with the development.

In addition, during the afternoon session, the Corvera farm in Murcia was visited, where it was possible to observe the actions focused on revegetating margins, green fertilization, the creation of natural structures for retaining water, and even seeing the positive impact that had on the biodiversity of the environment.

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