LIFE AMDRYC4 at the 22nd World Congress on Soil Sciences (July 31-August 5, 2022)

WCSS 2022 This is a highly relevant scientific event, which takes place every 4 years and brings together all existing Soil Science societies.

Scientists from all over the world participate in it and the main lines of study on the soil are exposed, constituting a support for academics and professionals in the widest possible exchange of knowledge and information. The quality of life and, ultimately, the sustainability of the environment depends on adequate data, information and scientific knowledge about soil to ensure the supply of valuable ecosystem goods and services for the benefit of humanity.

Our natural environment continues to suffer from significant problems, many of which affect soil: erosion, loss of soil carbon and biodiversity, soil compaction and sealing, and impacts on food security. The World Soil Science Congress 2022, Crossing Boundaries – Changing Society, aims to address these issues, among others, with a wide range of plenary, divisional and interdivisional sessions planned. These will focus on soils and security, the north/south divide, soils and land use in the 22nd century, and data and information, and will encourage academics and practitioners from various disciplines to work together and achieve a greater success and understanding.

In our case, we participated in Interdivision 8, Sustainable Land Use with two posters from the LIFE AMDRYC4 project and in Division 4 on Soil Education with a poster on the project’s virtual reality application.

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