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Climate Change Adaptation in traditional agriculture (ES)

Good Practices in agriculture (ES)


Summary file of the LIFE Project AMDRYC4 

Notice boards of the LIFE Project AMDRYC4


Newsletter 1

Newsletter 2


10/07/2017 Presentation LIFE Project STO3RE (Murcia, Spain)

19/10/2017 Kickoff Meeting Brussels

01/12/2017 Initial meeting of partners (Murcia, Spain)

19/12/2017 Interview with Mª José Martínez, coordinator of the LIFE Project AMDRYC4

05/02/2018 Data collection and topographic survey in experimental plots

13/03/2018 Assistance to Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Forestry in the Mediterranean Region – LIFE PLATFORM MEETING (Madrid, Spain)

24/04/2018 Interview with Francisco Gil, secretary of COAG in the Region of Murcia

03/05/2018 Monitoring meeting of the project with the NEEMO monitor (Murcia, Spain)

08/05/2018  Participation in the LIFE 2018 presentation day (Murcia, Spain)

06/2018 Installation of project information panels in the experimental plots

03/07/2018 Assistance to the Expodronic Fair 2018 (Madrid, Spain)