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Land stewardship

The  land stewardship  is a set of strategies and tools that aim to involve owners and land users in conservation and good use of values and the natural, cultural and landscape resources. To achieve this , it promotes agreements and mechanisms for ongoing collaboration between owners, custodians and other public and private actors (Basra Rock, X. and Sabaté i Rotés, X. 2006).

A  custody agreement  is a voluntary procedure between an owner and custodian to agree on how to conserve and manage a territory. The pact can be verbal or written (Basra Rock, X. and Sabaté i Rotés, X. 2006).

The  custodians  are public or private non-profit organizations actively involved in conservation techniques territory by land stewardship. They can act as custodian organizations as diverse as a neighborhood association, a conservation organization, a foundation, a town hall, a consortium and other public body (Basra Rock, X. and Sabaté i Rotés, X. 2006).

Nationally, the meeting point between banks and custody occurs through the Land Stewardship Platform.

Land stewardship networks in Spain:

Land stewardship project


Agreements reached