Greenhouse gases are part of the natural cycles of carbon and nitrogen. Human industrial activities have caused excessive concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, turning them into pollutants. Under natural conditions, emissions of carbon-containing gases into the atmosphere are balanced by elements that sequester carbon in so-called sinks, that is, the oceans, vegetation and soil. We have altered this balance in many ways, both by increasing carbon fluxes into the atmosphere and by reducing the ability of our sinks to sequester carbon dioxide.

The EU Green Week, which begins on May 3 and ends on June 11, is an opportunity to highlight the role of soils as part of solving this problem and express our commitment to this cause. Indeed, soils represent the largest terrestrial carbon deposit and, therefore, have the ability to reduce atmospheric pollution through photosynthetic conversion and stabilization of carbon compounds in soil organic matter.

The main objective of the International “4 per 1000” Initiative is to create a global platform for exchange and collaboration among a community of all stakeholders interested in healthy and carbon-rich soils around the world to combat climate change and end climate change. hunger.

Thanks to the celebration of the virtual fair “4 by 1000”, the LIFE AMDRY C4 project has had the opportunity to publicize its work in detail through a collaborative platform where it exhibited its virtual stand and organized a series of virtual events in those who exchanged ideas with the participants. Through the following link it is possible to access stand 114:



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